We have capabilities for conducting a wide variety of thermophysical property measurements at elevated temperature. The test results are used, for example, for characterization of new materials, for providing input to advanced simulation models, for optimization of metallurgical processes, etc.


With our rotational viscometer we measure the viscosity of high temperature melts, such as molten slag, in a wide temperature range (max. 1650°C) under controlled atmosphere.

Surface tension and interfacial tension

We have an X-ray furnace to measure the surface tension and interfacial tension of high temperature melts by the sessile drop method. The measurement can be done under controlled atmosphere and the maximum measurement temperature is 1650°C.

Thermal expansion and density

Our push-rod dilatometer measures the thermal expansion and density of materials under controlled atmosphere. The thermal expansion of liquid can also be  measured with a special setup. The maximum measurement temperature is 1600°C.

Specific heat and phase transformation

The specific heat and phase transformation temperature/energies can be measured with our differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) under a controlled atmosphere. The maximum measurement temperature is 1600°C.

Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity

Our Laser-Flash apparatus is used for thermal diffusivity measurement in a wide temperature range (from room temperature to 1600°C) under a controlled atmosphere. The thermal conductivity can be calculated from thermal diffusivity, density and specific heat.


Taishi Matsushita External link, opens in new window., Associate professor (taishi.matsushita@ju.se)