Get ready to RE-ACT!

28-29 April, 11am-1pm, JIBS lobby

The guiding principles of JIBS are, as you probably are well acquainted with, international at heart and entrepreneurial in mind”; but did you know that JIBS also added “responsible in action to these principles? And did you also know that JIBS recently joined the PRME initiatives (Principles for Responsible Management Education - to start its work towards becoming a more inclusive and sustainable business school? In order to help JIBS achieving PRME goals, a new board of students, “RE-ACT” (REsponsible in ACTion), has been created. RE-ACT’s mission is "to educate and engage JIBS community to act responsible and broadcast sustainability." 

Come by the JIBS lobby on the 28th and 29th of April, 11am-1pm, to learn more about RE-ACT as well as inspire the board and share your ideas through fun activities. Your opinion matters!