Chaplaincy consists of a Deacon (a kind of student priest with curative and social focus trained in the Swedish Church) and a Pastor (with training in the Evangelical Free Church).

We offer individual counseling by trained staff. We have long experience in meeting students and staff in the various stages of life. The talks are based on what the person needs to talk about. They are confidential and free of charge.

Meeting places. Chaplaincy arrange social activities such as pilgrimages, movie nights with discussions. Café Evenings with diversity themes. We plan and carry through devotions and worship services with students if requested.

Crisis Intervention Groups & Debriefing. We have experience and can provide assistance in planning and conducting memorial services when a student or staff has died.

Multi-religious contacts. As experts in this field, we have a broad knowledge of different traditions, religions and beliefs, and are in contact with many religious representatives and knows where to find the city's "sacred rooms". We are assisting those who seek their religious context or are curious to explore a new context.


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Student house

First floor in the corridor by restaurant Rio.


Ingalill Dahlgren Nyberg

Student pastor

070-207 26 45

Mattias Nystrand

Student diakon

073-070 35 64

Jakob Olofsgård

Student pastor

070-849 49 98


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