Partner Companies School of Engineering

Partner Companies School of Engineering

The School of Engineering offers all students a host company. This means that students can select one of around 500 companies, where they can compare their own theoretical knowledge with the actual experiences of that company.

All students are given a host company

This is an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the environment in which they will one day be working.

In a host project, a contact person is engaged at a company selected by the students. This person keeps in touch with his/her students throughout the degree programme. Work is conducted individually or in groups. The company and students have a certain number of meetings each year. On each occasion, students are assigned a ‘mini-project´, the solution to which is presented in a report to the contact person and the relevant tutor at the School of Engineering.

A springboard to employment

The companies see the host company concept as a way of keeping in touch with the University, and thus with new generations of highly qualified engineers. For this reason, it is easy to find host companies that will be interesting and productive for the students.

Degree/industry advisory boards

In order for the degree programmes to keep up with industrial developments, a number of industry advisory boards have been set up. Each technical area has its own industry advisory board, which consists of lecturers, company representatives and students. The advisory boards discuss how the degree programmes can be brought more into line with what the companies need. At the same time, companies build up an idea of what benefit students will be to them once they have completed their studies.

Contact days

Once a year, students invite the business community to special contact days. These act as a link between the University and working life. All students at Jönköping University work together via the various sections of the student union, to spread knowledge about the various degree programmes and promote contacts between students and employers.

Partner Companies

900 students and 60 teachers are in contact with about 500 partner companies each year.