Here you can find scholarships and grants to apply for, as a student at Jönköping University.

As a student at JU you have access to Global Grants database for scholarships and grants. You can reach it easily through Jönköping Universitys computer network. 


Thrillism scholarship 2018

We want to encourage students around the world to think about how they can disrupt and improve travel around the globe from an environmental perspective.

Applying is easy and we will front the winner and also the runners-up on our blog.

How can we develop and encourage environmentally friendly travel?

Submit a one-page essay (500 words) that demonstrates an idea you have for helping save the environment while allowing you and others to still explore the world and experience new adventures. Traveling or flying less does not cut it. How can we continue to travel but with a smaller or minimal footprint?

More information:

Application deadline December 18, 2018.


Scholarships in business development with opportunity for employment

The Journalist network handles a business development grant that succeeds in capturing the jury group's interest in a relevant subject for our members. The winner of the winning grant is rewarded with SEK 20,000 and will automatically qualify for a job at our headquarters in Kalmar. The closing date is 10 November 2018. Read more about the scholarship here: stipendiet härPDF. The application is sent to


Sambla scholarship

Sambla AB handles a scholarship of 10,000: - (SEK) for students who are students at a Swedish university or college and already have or will study abroad. Read more here här.