Scholarships for excellent achievements

A group of JIBS students received the Excellence Scholarship on Monday 3 November.

Students Lisa Engström, Pontus Johansson, Malin Månsson and Frida Grundström with Lennart Gabrielsson, Anders Grahn and Torulf Löfstedt representing Jönköpings Borgarekassa och Bjuggska fonden, Anna Blombäck, JIBS' Associate Dean of Education and Johan Larsson, Programme Manager Civilekonomprogrammet. Photo: Denise Permerud.

The scholarship is awarded twice a year and gives students with
particularly good academic results the opportunity to study abroad. Students are ranked by grades and get a choice of fifteen of the best of JIBS many partner universities. Excellence Scholarship is sponsored by Jönköpings Borgarekassa och Bjuggska fonden, and it has been awarded to students since 2004. Since then, nearly 3 million SEK has been distributed to students traveling abroad. A year ago the agreement between JIBS and Jönköpings Borgarekassa och Bjuggska fonden was renewed, enabling the Excellence Scholarship to keep encouraging students to academic endeavors.

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