10 questions about alcohol, drugs, doping and sex

Student Health, together with the Student Union, Region Jönköping (former County Council) and the County Board conducted a project to reduce risk-taking on alcohol, drugs and doping, as well as promoting sexual health.

We now want to do a follow-up of the previous survey, and need your help.

The survey is aimed at students at the University, and takes about 5 minutes to fill in. Your answers will be kept confidential and the results are reported so that individual responses can not be distinguished.

After you have answered the questionnaire, you can, if you wish, take part in a contest where you can win movie tickets. Your email address will only be used to draw.

Questions about alcohol, drugs, doping and sexual health can sometimes be perceived as delicate. If you feel that you want to talk to someone after having responded to the survey, you can always turn to student health.

Fill in the form here.

Thanks for your time!