Visions for campus

The number of students and staff at Jönköping University will increase over the next few years. How can we use our existing premises in the best way and what new buildings do we need? The vice president of the student union, Toni Johansson, is taking part in an ongoing JU-project for campus development.

Toni Johansson, student union.

By the beginning of next year, a so-called campus plan will be produced, describing the university’s and the municipality's vision for the long-term development of campus, but it should also be concrete and specify different projects to create an improved campus.

Toni, you are involved in this project. Tell us what has been done so far.
I have participated in two project workshops. The first one involved representatives from the university, the Student Union and the municipality, but also external companies who are interested in working with us and get closer to campus.

The second workshop was internal, with participants from the university. Victoria Claesson from HI TECH was another student representative there. Among other things, we discussed what the students need and want on campus. Victoria and me, as well as and several teachers, highlighted the need for more study rooms. There are so few of them today and they need to be improved.

We also talked about green spaces. Even with new buildings being added, it is important to maintain and improve green spaces, as they will give a better atmosphere on campus.

Is there something special that has made an impression on you?
From our point of view, it is important that those who are involved in the project listen to the Student Union. We meet the students every day. For example, we raised the issue that Akademin needs to evolve and be a part of the campus development, and that issue has now ended up on the agenda.

Why do you think it is important to be involved in campus development?
Students are the most important thing we have at the university. It is important that they feel comfortable on campus and get good opportunities to study here. We want them to stay on campus after lectures. Therefore, it's very important to develop the campus with the students’ interest at heart. It is a good thing that we can participate in these groups and get the opportunity to develop the campus plan together.