Mingle at Rådhuset/City Hall

The Municipality of Jönköping wants to welcome all international students by organizing a Reception in the City Hall.

Date: 29 November 17.00-19.00

During the reception you will be served drinks and "finger food" and you will have the opportunity to mingle with the Mayor and Politicians of Jönköping. There is no cost for you to attend, but you have to sign up here.

Last day to sign up is 25 November 2016.

Once you signed up, you are obligated to attend. If you for some reason can not attend, please give the ticket to another student. The number of places are limited, so we will go for the first comes first basis! Please sign up only if you know for sure you will attend, otherwise you may take a spot for other students.

The City Hall is in the City of Jönköping. The address is Rådhusparken 1, only a five-minute walk from Jönköping University.