JU Solar Team to Culture on Campus

On Wednesday, April 5, JU Solar Team will visit Culture on Campus. In six months, the team will compete with the world in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – the world’s biggest solar-powered car race.

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The car
We have chosen to build our chassis using optimized steel. Our 2015 all carbon fibre Solbritt weighed 230 kilos and our calculations are suggesting this year’s Solveig will be much lighter. Our next generation battery cells have a 30% higher energy density than Solbritt’s generation. We are excited to be able to store so much extra power!

The team
The JU Solar Team consists of 25 students. As we come from different JU (Jönköping University) schools we create a diversity of skillsets and we have different tasks to do. We are divided into two teams: Team Engineering and Team Management.

The race
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world’s biggest solar-powered car race. In the competition, teams from all over the world are going to drive 3022 kilometers from the north to the south of Australia – from Darwin to Adelaide. There are three different classes: challenger class, cruiser class and adventure class. The challenger class is the most advanced with aerodynamic master pieces – the JU Solar Team will of course join this one!

Welcome to the University Library on Wednesday at 12!