Gabe Klein - Urban Mobility in a Digital Age

On monday 2 October Gabe Klein will hold a lecture about cities and their challenges.

Big or small, cities around the world all face one challenge – how to promote community development in a way that leads to positive, sustainable change for both people and businesses. Gabe Klein, the former Commissioner of Transportation in Chicago and Washington DC, will share some insights on how to foster a working environment that accommodates new ways of thinking and planning around a sustainable city. Gabe currently advises on transportation and urban development projects in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Denver, and other places, through CityFi – an urban advisory services firm that he co-founded. He is also a frequent public speaker on urban change and civic engagement in the digital age, and has given his own TedTalk on the changing landscape of urban mobility.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to listen to Gabe and his inspiring lecture about cities and their challenges.

The lecture will be held in Hb220 at HLK - 11:00-11:45, on Monday 2 October

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