Culture on Campus - Rob Day: From the depth of the Atlantic to Örserum

Rob Day went straight from school to the British Navy where he enlisted as an officer cadet. The career within the navy was the start of his interest in submarines and post university studies he spent 6 years working with submarine tactics.

After leaving the Navy he begun working for a software company, initially with a defence contractor. In the year of 2012 he moved to Sweden to follow his heart and today he works at the School of Engineering here at Jönköping University.

During the half hour Rob Day will tell us more about his exciting life within the British Navy and how life sometimes takes unexpected turns: From the depth of the Atlantic to Örserum is the title of this weeks Culture on Campus.

Welcome to a half hour in the name of culture, this week with an international and very local touch. Every Wednesday in the library from 12:00 to 12:30.