Climate Stories

Workshop on Digital Storytelling

What’s your relation to climate change? Are you an optimist or worried on what’s happening?
Is your commitment coloured by your background? Is there a question that hasn’t been raised? Do you think we are doing enough to prevent it? What does the future look like?

Earth, hands


This September you are invited to a workshop on Digital Storytelling, hosted by Ragnhild Larsson – the person behind one of Sweden’s most popular environmental podcasts Klimatpodden. She will guide you through how to create your own Climate Story where you interpret the changes happening around us.

The results will be a short film on 1-2 minutes on a subject you find interesting. Your film will be presented at the Jönköping University Sustainability Festival "Shape our Future" in October.

When: 6th September kl 9:00-12:00.

Spots available: 30

Register directly here at the latest August 30 External link, opens in new window.

Or contact Otto Hedenmo,