New password policy at JU

From October 1st, a new password policy applies at JU. Your current password will not be affected, but when you change your password after October 1st, the new policy will apply.

As the holder of a user account at the university, you are responsible for:

  • that your passwords meet the quality and handling specified in this policy.
  • that you keep your passwords secret.
  • as part of the above point, never give your passwords to anyone who requests them via e-mail, telephone or otherwise.

The main news in the policy are:

  • The password is valid until further notice, the exception is the system administrator account (1 year)
  • The number of characters in the password is increased from 8 to 10 characters (except for Eduroam account which retains exactly 7 characters)
  • The password should always be changed in the self-service portal
  • Password reset should always be done through the reset portal
  • Automatic password control to ensure good password quality

Read the full policy here Pdf, 187.6 kB.

NOTE! The new policy will only apply when you change your password, after October 1st.