Almost time for Frida Lygnegård in the Researchers’ Grand Prix final!

On Tuesday, November 26 at 14-16, it is time for the final of this year's edition of Researchers’ Grand Prix.

Frida Lygnegård, finalist i Forskar Grand Prix 2019

Frida Lygnegård

Frida Lygnegård, School of Health and Welfare, is one of the finalists and we will therefore broadcast the finals live in Café Sydney at the School of Health and Welfare at 2 pm.

It is also possible to follow the broadcast live through your own mobile phone or computer via the Researchers’ Grand Prix website.

- It feels great to be one of the finalists, I qualified through the open online application which is usually called N.Ö.R.D, and stands for National Open Nationwide Competition, says Frida Lygnegård.

It will also be possible for those following the live link to vote by using a code which will be presented in the beginning of the competition.

We wish Frida Lygnegård good luck in the final of the Researchers’ Grand Prix – remember to be ready with your mobile phone and give your support by voting for Frida!

(Most of the presentations and the finals will be held in Swedish)