Are you interested in the future of E-sports?

On Thursday 28th November, the MMTC research centre at JIBS is inviting several big names from the E-sports industry to come and give a series of lectures about the future of this highly popular competition sport. The lectures are open to the public, no registration required!

The keynote addresses will take place between 09:00 - 12:30 in B1033, Jönköping International Business School and include input from:


Tomas Lyckedal, DreamHack
Title: 25 years of DreamHack and how to ensure 25 more

Graham Ashton, The eSport Observer
Title: Our Game: How esports creates community sports out of commercial products

 Liza Lind, Female Legends
Title: Empowering female participation to secure the future of eSports

Max Horttanainen, Svenska E-sportförbundent
Title: Legitimacy: Esport as Sport in Sweden

Stephen Hanna, Esport Integrity Commission
Title: The importance of Legitimacy to eSports

Warm welcome to this fantastic morning with the E-sports industry!

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