JIBS students - new 'chain of contact' info

JIBS has created a 'chain of contact' to help you identify who to contact in case of unexpected events or situations. 

JIBS students should start by calling their course examiner who will then contact the programme director.

In the case that the student doesn't manage to get in touch with the course examiner, then they should contact the relevant programme director in the following list, and then follow the instructions below if that person is not available.

The chain of contact below should function in the following way:
1. Call the relevant programme director on the list.
2. If this person is unavailable, call the person below them (skipping the unavailable person). If the first unavailable person is at the bottom of the list, call the person at the top of the list.

Elvira Kaneberg, 036-10 17 21
(International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Global Managment, Strategic Entrepreneurship)

Edward Gillmore, 036-10 17 58
(International Managment, Marketing Managment, Sustainable Enterprise Development)

Ewa Beiving, 036-10 17 70

Mart Ots, 036-10 13 94
(International Marketing, Digital Business)

Johan Larsson, 036-10 18 93

Tina Wallin, 036-10 19 60
(International Economics, Economic Analysis)

Jonas Dahlqvist, 036-10 1719
(International Financial Analysis, Engineering Management)