Parking permits for April

On Wednesday 25 March, the Service Center will sell the parking permits for April. Due to Covid-19, we want to avoid crowds as much as possible on campus. The parking permits will therefore only be available to order online this month. You will not be able to buy them at the desk in the Service Center.

On Wednesday 25 March, students can contact Service Center from 09.00 am through our online system to order a parking permit. All errands are handled in turn, and no errands made before 09.00 am will be handled.

You will receive a reply from the Service Center regarding what date and time you are welcome to come and pick up and pay for your parking permit at the Service Center. Since we have a limited amount of permits you will also receive a reply if the permits have sold out.

Place your order here: External link, opens in new window.

Please note that “Ärendetyp/Case Type” need to be ”Övriga frågor/Other questions”. If you change case type your order will not end up at the Service Center.

If there are any parking permits left after 25 March these will be able to order online and available for purchase as usual at Service Center that is open for visits between 10-13.