Science Park is still here for you!

Do you have an idea about how we can solve today’s challenges that are raised by the Covid-19 situation? Or do you want to start your own consultancy in your field of studies and earn extra money with your skills? Contact us, we are here for you!

Science Park helps students who want to take their ideas to the next step. The road from idea stage to a profitable company might feel long and tricky, but at Science Park we will guide you all the way! No idea is too small or too advanced. We coach students who want to develop their own ideas or start new businesses.

We offer you free of charge:

  1. Digital meetings with our business developers.
  2. Tools to develop your idea.
  3. The ability to expand your network and make important contacts.
  4. Matching with potential work assignments.
  5. Help you to find and obtain funding for your idea.
  6. Help from our partners with insurance, accounting, legal advice, IP etc.
  7. Digital events and lectures.

Book a free External link, opens in new window. meeting, or check out our exciting event calendar External link, opens in new window. that is updated continuously!

Join our community!

In our community, people from different backgrounds meet to exchange wide range of professional services from collaboration activities to job opportunities and ideas enrichment. You can join our online community at Friends of Science Park on Facebook.

And also:

FB: @scienceparkjkpg
LinkedIn: Science Park Jönköpings Län

See you there!