Pilot project for de-identified exams

In 2020, a project is underway to evaluate de-identification of the examination process at Jönköping University. In October, the pilot project will start, which will include some exams from each school at JU.

Everyone’s answers should be treated equally. That is the main purpose of the project. That all students are assessed equally. With de-identified exams, the process becomes more legally certain and safety for the student is increased.

How does it affect me?

During October and November, a pilot project will take place where a maximum of four examination opportunities from each school at JU will be affected.

The only difference for you as a student is that you will receive an anonymization code when you write your exam. If the exam takes place in an examination hall, the exam hosts handle the exam and can answer your questions. If you write the exam in Inspera, you log in as usual and the only difference is that you can see your code.

You will know before your exam if you are part of the pilot project or not.

What happens next?

After the pilot project has been completed, it will be evaluated, and then new decisions may be taken that affect the examination activities at JU.

If you have questions: contact the exam organization at JU