Help us improve Career Center

We know that searching for jobs may be easy but finding the right one is not a walk in the park. By sharing your thoughts in this study, you are shaping the future of recruitment.

In cooperation with Potential Park, JU is carrying out a survey in order to improve the services they provide within career advice.

If you participate in the survey you:

  • can meet top global employers at one of Potential Park’s Conferences in the US, France, Italy or Germany
  • can win Amazon Vouchers
  • get exclusive tips and tricks on landing your dream job
  • can attend a Personal Branding Webinar
  • get free access to our students’ platform where you will find tailored job-seeking support

Start the survey and gain the rewards!

Sharing is Caring! So spread the survey among friends, colleagues, and family members.

If we get more than 100 respondents, Career Center at JU will get specific information about your needs for career guidance and support here at JU!

The survey is open until 24 November.

Thank you!