Aktiestinsen Thesis Award 2020

The winners of the Aktiestinsen Thesis Award 2020 have been announced. Niklas Koch and Sören Pongratz won the first prize of 8000 SEK for their thesis entitled “User Entrepreneurship in the eSports Industry.”

This year JIBS students were invited to enter their bachelor’s or master’s thesis for the Akitestinsen Thesis Award. The award was set up to foster entrepreneurship and its related elements as part of everyday practice and is based on a donation from the Lennart ”Aktiestinsen” Israelsson’s Foundation, with a first prize of 8000 SEK and two runner-up prizes of 6000 SEK each.

The members of the Aktiestinsen’s Foundation Board awarded the following students and their theses:

First prize: 8000sek
Niklas Koch and Sören Pongratz
User Entrepreneurship in the eSports Industry.

Niklas Koch in picture on left and Sören Pongratz in picture on right. Both have hands in their pockets, smiling facing out towards the camera.

Aktiestinsen Thesis Award 2020 winners Niklas Koch (left) and Sören Pongratz.

Runners-up: 6000sek
Fanny Johansson, Linus Högbäck and Austra Kase 
Choosing a Business Partner, Best Friend and a Spouse: An Exploratory Study of the Evaluation of New Venture Teams by Nordic Venture Capitalists.

Fanny Johansson, Linus Högbäck and Austra Kase stand together with JIBS' entrance behind them. Linus is in the centre and holds their winning thesis in his hands.

From left, Fanny Johansson, Linus Högback and Austra Kase.

Runners-up: 6000sek
Elin Antus Flyckt and Linnéa Asklöf
Challenging the Stereotypical Roles of Mentorship.

Runners-up Linnéa Asklöf and Elin Antus Flyckt, stand together in their graduation robes, holding diplomas.

Linnéa Asklöf (left) and Elin Antus Flyckt.