HHJ students: Don’t miss CIM!

Are you a student at the School of Health and Welfare and interested in international exposure, to improve your intercultural skills and increase your employability? Then CIM is for you!

Certificate of International Merits (CIM) - your formal recognition of the international and intercultural activities that you undertake during your study programme at campus, outside the campus, abroad or the combination of all. With CIM you can improve your intercultural skills in a structured way without even having to leave campus, if you don’t want to!

CIM aims at fostering:
Intercultural skills involving the appreciation of culture and its meaning to the lives of people worldwide and intercultural communication across borders and with the use of various languages

International and global awareness emphasizing the understanding of differences and similarities between countries, and the ability to make international comparisons and develop new perspectives

Critical and reflective professional conduct built on the values of openness, diversity, and connectedness across the globe

CIM is open to all HHJ students, including exchange students.

For more information visit the CIM website via this link Opens in new window., or send a request to

CIM is a program designed and driven by a work group that consist of students, teachers and international office representatives.

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