Participate in national study on gender-based violence in academia

During the month of May, a survey will be sent out to students and staff at universities in Sweden. The study is on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in academia, and it is distributed by SCB (Statistics Sweden).

Karolinska Institutet (KI), KTH, Malmö University and the National Gender Secretariat are the initiators and are leading the research and collaboration program on gender-based vulnerability and sexual harassment in academia that developed the study. The goals of the program are to contribute to increased quality in research and education, improve the work and study environment, and to develop knowledge about gender-based vulnerability within academia.

The survey will be conducted in three versions: for students, staff, and doctoral students, as well as in English and Swedish. It will be distributed through Statistics Sweden and sent out to 10–20 % of students and all staff at the 38 higher education institutions in Sweden that are members of SUHF, incl. Jönköping University. The questionnaire will be sent out during week 17 (end of April) and is open until week 24. JU encourages those who receive the questionnaire to participate in the study.

“Through the study, we will have access to aggregated data regarding incidences, underlying causes and consequences for individuals and organisations of sexual harassment. It is an important part of gender equality and sustainability work nationally and can provide useful information for JU,” says Ingrid Estrada-Magnusson, HR Director, Jönköping University.

After the study is completed, data will be delivered to KI from Statistics Sweden after the summer of 2021. The research and collaboration program will deliver a report aimed at the overall sector in March 2022.

More information about the survey can be found on KI’s webpage:

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