PRESTEP with Andra Farhad

We welcome you to Nextstep's annual PRESTEP edition! An inspirational event focusing on today's stock market and how to earn your first million.

For this year's edition of PRESTEP, we have invited Andra Farhad - a Swedish entrepreneur, author and investment professional. She is the CEO of Börshajen AB, which educates individuals in savings and investments. Also, Andra often participates in Swedish television on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon and gives advice on personal finance.

When? On Wednesday, 23 February, at 12:00-13:00

Where? At the JU Aula at HLK

For whom? The event is open for all JU-students

Price? It is completely free!

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to gain new, valuable knowledge about shares and savings. You will get to participate in discussions about investments and analyses of the current situation on the stock exchange.

Moderator is JU's own star in the field; Anton Hasselgren, Assistant Professor of Finance at JIBS.

Welcome to an exciting lunch hour!