Parking permits for Summer 2022

On Monday 23 May, from 12.00 noon, the Service Center will start selling the parking permits for Summer 2022 (including June, July and August). The parking permits will be available to order online through our online system from 12.00 noon. All errands are handled in turn, and no errands made before 12.00 noon will be handled.

You will receive a confirmation from the Service Center with information of when to pick up and pay for your parking permit at the Service Center. Since we have a limited amount of permits you will also receive a reply if the permits have sold out.

Place your order here: External link, opens in new window.

Please note that “Ärendetyp/Case Type” need to be ”Övriga frågor/Other questions”. If you change case type your order may not end up at the Service Center.

If there are any parking permits left after May 23 these will be able to order online and available for purchase by visiting the Service Center. Find our opening hours here. The parking permit costs 250 SEK and you will be able to pay by card or via Swish when collecting the permit.