The business of gaming – learn more about the gaming industry

On 15 June, you will have the opportunity to listen to several experts from the gaming industry – entrepreneurs, gamers and researchers – to learn more about "the business of gaming". Science Park and Dreamhack invite you to an evening focusing on gaming and gaming. During the evening, you will get answers to all your questions about starting your own business and running a business in the gaming industry.

In just a decade, turnover in the Swedish gaming industry has increased from just over one billion to almost 35 billion. The number of companies, the profit amounts, and the number of employees in the industry is growing. The Swedish game development companies are at the forefront, and the rest of the world loves games created in Sweden. The industry is significantly larger than many people think and accommodates many professions. Game developers, programmers, artists, producers, technicians, designers, testers, art leads, 3D & 2D artists, animators and moderators. The question is no longer who is playing – but who is not. The event at Science Park will be attended by Philip Hübner (CBDO at Challangermode), Magnus Ling (Sales Manager at Ifairs AB) and Brian McCauley (researcher at Jönköping University.

Brian McCauley is Vice President of the Esports Research Network and a Researcher at the Media, Management & Transformation Center at JIBS. His research focuses on the intersection of business and grassroots in areas such as LAN, game development, national federations, and education. Brian has, among other things, published research on esports and the City of DreamHack – you can read his report here.

The event, which is a joint event between Science Park, DreamHack, PhoenixBlue, Justice and Jönköping University, is free and open to anyone interested.

Find out more and register here not later than 13 June