Finding career success in Sweden

Career Center invites all international students want to find career success in Sweden and “crack the Swedish code" to this inspirational lecture!

Join Amanda Herzog as she speaks about her experiences in finding a job after graduation. Amanda is an American living in Sweden since 2017. She moved here to attend Jönköping University as an exchange student and now works as an international marketing professional and personal branding consultant.

Learn more about how she overcame the struggle to find a job in Sweden and created a guide for others on how to do the same. In this webinar, she will speak about:

  • How she came to Sweden and what her experience was first like when trying to find a job after graduation
  • How she overcame the odds and got her dream job at Husqvarna AB after graduation
  • Tips on how YOU as an international student can understand the Swedish job market better and find success
  • Advice on how to make a Swedish style CV, interviewing the Swedish way, and how to network your way to job opportunities
  • Additional resources on how to learn more and find career success in Sweden if you are a foreign-born professional

Date: November 2, 2022

Time: 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM on Zoom

Registration is done at External link, opens in new window.. After registration the Zoom-link will be sent to you!


Amanda Herzog is the Founder of Intertalents in Sweden™ - a company founded by internationals who have themselves taken the journey to adapt successfully to Swedish culture and now wish to extend a guiding light to others on a similar path.

They offer educational material, online courses, e-books and downloadable templates that empower foreign-born professionals towards career success in Sweden. Learn more at External link, opens in new window.