Podcast about student life

Did you know that Helena Jörgensen and Anita Holmqvist, study counsellors at Jönköping University (JU), are recording a podcast together, called “Vägledning på småländska”? The podcast is about university studies, student life and all the clever things that can be found at a university.

For some time now, Helena and Anita have been recording and releasing podcasts. So far there are nine episodes between 15 minutes and half an hour long. The counsellors guide the listener through life's great mysteries (even the smaller ones) in the mythical world of higher education. There may also be the occasional sidetrack with these two counsellors and their guests. In the latest episode, they are joined by librarian Margareta Hjort.

The pod is available in Swedish through these channels: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and RedCircle