A bloody brilliant project

The project group Spectra, which belongs to the student association Students for Sustainable Action (SSA), has initiated a project to end stigma and provide free menstrual hygiene products in toilets on Jönköping University’s campus.

SSA and Spectra want to raise awareness to break the stigma around menstruation and make a difference by providing free menstrual hygiene products.

In mid-May, eleven new boxes of menstrual hygiene products were placed in restrooms around campus in Jönköping. The products are provided free of charge to anyone who may need them. Look out for the sticker on the toilet doors to find the assigned toilets!

“By providing free supplies, we create a campus where menstruation is celebrated, not stigmatized, empowering students to tackle period poverty and ensuring that no one's education is compromised by something as natural as menstruation,” says Margot Van den Bussche, project member SSA.

Contact details:

Margot Van den Bussche

JU Email:

Telephone: +32472046264

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