Students’ curiosities sated during Master Event 2023 at JIBS

On 8 December, JIBS Master Event 2023 was organized with a fair and seminars. The purpose of the day was to inform current students and other interested about the possibilities of continuing their studies at one of JIBS master’s programmes.

On site at the school were study counsellors who could answer questions about eligibility. The International Office was also represented, answering questions about studying abroad, application questions and internships for international students.

“My master studies gave me in-depth knowledge closely connected to practice”

It was crowded in the lobby during Friday afternoon. In addition to the fair, there was a Speakers Corner where programme managers gave their programme presentations. An appreciated feature was that alumni also gave their views on why you should study a master's.

“JIBS’ master's programmes prepare you to become a problem solver. My master’s studies gave me more in-depth knowledge closely connected to practice. I really benefit from that today, said Patrik Andersson, Applied Economics and Data Analysis alum.

Georgö Bihari wanted to know more about JIBS master's programmes

Gergö Bihari is studying International Management and is considering supplementing his studies with a master's. He visited the event to find out more about the Supply Chain Management and Global Management programmes.

“It feels important to supplement with a master's degree in order to narrow down and immerse myself in the areas I am passionate about. I like the possibility to be able to discuss with alumni’s and present students to get their views. I really like JIBS and the courses are of high quality, so I would love to stay here for a few more years,” says Georgö.

The event turned out very well. As always, a lot of preparation went into it, and many JIBS: ers have been involved in the planning during the fall. Without these efforts, it would not have been possible to carry it out. Anna Blombäck, Associate Dean of Education at JIBS, was very pleased with the day.

“It was great seeing so many bachelor students stop by the JIBS Masters’ Event on Friday. We organize this event to offer inspiration and make sure our students recognize that internationally top-ranked master’s programs are available, right here at JIBS! The testimonies of our current master’s students and alumni were especially inspiring, clarifying what you benefit from pursuing a master’s,” says Anna Blombäck.

Alumni were sharing there stories during the event