Safety in times of crisis lecture on 4 March

What do you do when your cell phone and the internet stop working? What is your strategy if there is no electricity or water in the taps for several hours, days or weeks in a row?

These are questions you will get answered when Försvarsutbildarna are visiting Jönköping on 4 March. During this event you will get the most essential information that you need to be aware of in order to plan for your safety at home in case of a crisis or war. You will also get tips on where to find further home preparedness advice.

Participants will get a checklist of things you should have at home. Coffee will be served during the event.

While the presentation will be in Swedish, you will be able to get your questions answered in English.

Register before 29 February

Register to the event here External link, opens in new window.

If you don't have a Swedish personal number, you can register by emailing

The event is organized by Försvarsutbildarna in collaboration with Jönköping Student Union.

Krislåda med stormkök

Photo: Thomas Henrikson, MSB