New VPN client for JU called FortiClient

During the winter, the IT department has worked to deploy a new firewall. The new firewall means, among other things, increased security for our JUs and services as well as a new, faster and more stable VPN solution.

As a student, you may need a VPN to access JU's network and services when you are off campus, for example to access your home catalogue or certain software. JU uses so-called "split tunnelling", which means that only the traffic to JU goes through the VPN, while other traffic goes through the network you are connected to where you are. This means that you can still access, for example, a local printer or other devices on your home network when working from home.

The new firewall is supplied by Fortinet and the VPN client to be used to connect is called FortiClient.

You can find instructions on how to get started on a personal computer and mobile phone or tablet here