Business renewal is one of our strengths. If your company/organization is facing a challenge, you can count on our students providing you with new perspectives and outside-the-box solutions.

Benefits for you:

  • Get access to top talents from around the world
  • Zoom into your challenge and get suggestions for possible solutions
  • Strengthen your brand

Let our students tackle your challenges

In a course project, students get to apply their expertise in a specific area to a real business challenge. As a partner company in a course project, you get to work with a dedicated group of students for around 8 weeks. The goal is to create an impact and contribute to your company/organization.


Students help companies to establish themselves in a foreign market

Below we present a few of many successful examples of collaboration within a course in which JIBS master students - originating from many different countries - help companies prepare for an international expansion and/or export by producing an in-depth analysis of a specific market and suggesting a market entry strategy. 

Voices from the industry:

Students get a chance to work on real strategies for real companies and we as a company get insights about new markets from specialized students . It is a win-win. Last year we got great insights and with this year´s student team we are confident to get great results - once again."

- Medea Leeb, Head of Marketing and Sales, Ekatech AB

The students question our own thoughts and help us think bigger and broader. Through their perspective, they can give us input on how we can develop our business to become even better."

- Henrik Henriksson, CFO, ETON

- Isabelle Lundgren, HR Generalist, ETON

The collaboration between JIBS and the industry is extremely important for both parties. To put it simply, it is a way for companies and organizations to invest in their future, and for the school, to create a higher relevance in the education by applying a more practical element to the theory."

- John Löw, Marketing Director, Swede-Wheel

Examples of partner companies 2023

Logotypes of JIBS partner companies
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