Get assistance in running a project and testing potential future employees for your company/organization.

Benefits for you:

  • Get access to top talent from around the world
  • Grow your future employee
  • Strengthen your brand

Free resources and potential future employee

An internship is a qualified temporary work placement for students as a part of their study program. It is a perfect opportunity for you to discover top talents, test and evaluate a potential future colleague completely free of charge, and eventually recruit them to your organisation efficiently.

Unlock potential and nurture growth

JIBS students can spend up to 10 weeks of full-time work at your company/organization, conducting qualified work tasks. It gives you access to the latest knowledge and skills within a specific area, potentially significantly improving your business. The internship content is decided in a dialogue between the organisation, the student, and JIBS.

Receive country-specific perspectives

Our students come from all over the world. This a unique opportunity for you to obtain country-specific competence when working with marketing/export towards a specific geographical area or looking into possibilities of establishing your company/organization abroad.

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