In 2013 JIBS started supervising PhD students from Addis Ababa University. JIBS have had over 40 students in the programme, of which four in Management and 14 in Economics have successfully defended their thesis. 

The following PhD students have completed their doctoral education from the collaboration with Addis Ababa Univeristy and JIBS.

Economics PhDs

Tsegay Kaleab Atsbaha
Essays on Efficiency and Growth of Ethiopian Air Transport Industry.
22 June 2020

Kokeb Gebregiorgis Gebregziabher
Welfare Implications of Migration, Remittance, and Governance.
22 June 2020 

Guta Legesse Tessema
Essays on Firms Growth and their Survuval in Ethiopia: The role of firm Experience. Pdf, 3 MB, opens in new window.
16 June 2020

Tsegaye Mulugeta Habtewold
Impacts of Improved Agricultual Technologies Adoption on Multidemensional Welfare Indicators in Rural Ethiopia. Pdf, 2.8 MB, opens in new window.
16 June 2020

Yonatan Desalegn Enaro
Off-farm Activities, Incomes and Household welfare in rural Ethiopia. Pdf, 2.3 MB, opens in new window.
15 June 2020

Selamawit Gebreegziabher Kebede
Essays on the Path to Industrialization in Ethiopia. Pdf, 3.2 MB, opens in new window.
22 May 2020

Getu Tigre Engda
Multidimensional Poverty, Inequality, Vulnerability to Poverty, and Production Factor Risks in Ethiopia. Pdf, 2.3 MB.
12 December 2019

Urgaia Rissa Worku
A Panel of Empirical Approach to the Main Determinants of Economic Growth in East Africa. Pdf, 2.4 MB.
11 June 2019

Oumer Berisso Metaksa
Productivity and Efficiency of Farm Householdsand urban Poverty Dynamics in Ethiopia. Pdf, 3.5 MB, opens in new window.
1 February 2018 

Fentahun Baylie Sendkie
Essays on the Relationship between Economic Growth and the Real Exchange Rate.
1 November 2019

Yemane Michael Hailu
The impacts of Foreign Capital Inflows on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.
7 May 2019

Mekonnen Bersisa Gadisa
Multidimensional Pverty, Energy Poverty and Cook Stove Technology Adoption in Ethiopia. Pdf, 3 MB.
27 October 2017

Kahsay Berhane Lemma
Essays on Economic Growth, Poverty, and Child Educational Performance in Africa. Pdf, 2.3 MB, opens in new window.
15 May 2019

Addis Yimer Gebregziabhear
Four Essays on International Finance and Economic Growth in Africa. Pdf, 2.4 MB, opens in new window.
6 May 2019

Atnafu Gebremeskel
Access to Bank Loans, Income Distribution and Economic Growth in Agent Based modeling; Evidence from Evolutionary Perspective. Pdf, 1.7 MB, opens in new window.
20 February 2017 

Atlaw Alemu Tarekegn
Industrialization of Economies with Low Manufacturing Base. Pdf, 1.1 MB, opens in new window.
18 April 2016

Hailu Elias Koche
Welfare Implications of Credit Constraints and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies on Ethiopian Farm Households. Pdf, 2.7 MB, opens in new window.
18 April 2016

First female PhD from AAU completes her doctoral degree

On May 22,  2020, Selamawit Gebreegziabher Kebede became the first female PhD student in the collaboration to earn her degree in Economics from Addis Ababa University (AAU) with Professor Almas Heshmati from JIBS as her main supervisor.

Selamawit successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Essays on the Path to Industrialization in Ethiopia", through an online defence held at Addis Ababa University. 

Of earning her doctoral degree, Selamawit said:

"I would like to acknowledge my very knowledgeable and dedicated supervisor Professor Almas Heshmati. I could not have made it without without his consistent supervision and follow-ups."


Selamawit defended her thesis digitally at AAU.

Selamawit celebrating with her family.