JIBS Host Company Network comprises more than 300 companies. This
network is a platform for involving local, regional, and multinational
companies of different sizes in teaching activities as well as for
initiating research collaboration.

Companies that engage in the host company programme can benefit from students bringing new perspectives and approaches. The students can propose solutions to specific problems, and many host companies have successfully implemented the suggestions made by our students. In addition, the connection with undergraduate students is also a potential source of future employees. By collaborating with JIBS education, host companies get the opportunity to present themselves person for students. 

How it works

Each host company group has three to five students. The host companies choose the study programme they want to work with, and select students at the beginning of the autumn term. The company and the group of students work together for the first three or four terms with projects related to various courses taken by the students. The students visit their host company several times and submit a written report to their supervisor at the company after completing a course.

If you are interested in our host company programme, please contact:

Stefan Brolin

E-mail: stefan.brolin@ju.se

Phone: 00 46 36 – 101717