Meet Pontus Rådberg, JIBS student and part of the JU Solar Management Team

Real problems – dealing with real people and real corporations – means excellent training for the future

The opportunity for JIBS students to be a part of JU Solar Team will enhance the experience for any student at the business school. JU Solar Team is a project that was initially developed for engineering students, however, as the project has expanded it has benefitted from incorporating students from several schools. The size of the project combined with the diversified responsibilities mean that students with different backgrounds and knowledge improve the project. The project seems like more of a startup company than a mere school project.

As JIBS students, this requires a wide knowledge and, apart from the textbook knowledge, collaboration across different teams including students with different background. These experiences have enabled us as JIBS students to further develop a skillset which is required as we graduate and enter the job market. The project has provided possibilities for networking and for some students even direct job offers.

The management team, in which the JIBS students have worked, have ranged from arranging with logistics, to attracting sponsors, creating events and work related to marketing. As a part of the management team, we have gotten insight into what it is like to collaborate and work in the corporate world. The challenges faced are real problems that include real people and real corporations, meaning, it is an excellent training for what lies ahead, no matter the field one will work within. We have developed experience in dealing with different types of people and different organizations ranging from large multinational corporations to small non-profit organizations. This has developed our ability as future professionals, recognizing that different organizations must be handled in different ways, which will be a key skill for us in the future.

The JU solar team project has been incorporated into our studies and we have gained a better understanding in the application of methods, models and textbook knowledge in the real world. The courses have enabled us to apply our knowledge from JIBS in real situations, using the reports written as a base in the work we have done.

The experts from JTH and JIBS that are part of the project have been completely transparent with their work and their work has been present in a manner that has enhanced our work and develop our knowledge in a more efficient way.

So, if you are a JIBS student interested in the JU Solar Team project; don’t hesitate! There are endless possibilities and you will benefit in more ways than you can imagine.

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