Research paper session

This session on research about leadership challenges and opportunities for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals will focus on two issues:

(1) new research that provides a better understanding of multi-stakeholder engagement that supports poverty alleviation by linking poverty eradication with the other SDGs in coherent and meaningful ways; and

(2) research that explores managerial and leadership capabilities and the mindset that facilitates multi-stakeholder engagement for poverty alleviation and the implication of such research for responsible management education and leadership development.

We also encourage research that provides guidance for responsible management education by focusing on the role, dynamics, and impact of how business and non-business leaders influence organizational strategies that concurrently reduce poverty and advance other SDGs. Conceptual or empirical research papers, along with works in progress and/or proposals for innovative research designs that lead to new insights or challenge established frameworks about responsible management and poverty, is also welcome for this track.

Session Chair: Carole Parkes; Co-chairs: Al Rosenbloom & Milenko Gudić