Panel session on RME impact metrics and reporting

What do B-schools undertake to further develop their RME impact reporting and metrics? This session will explore how HEIs through adopting RME action and practice generate societal impact.

Conceptual, empirical and focused research papers that advance the understanding of the role, dynamics of HEIs and their potential as well as manifest impacts on society, culture, and natural systems are welcome. Works in progress and/or proposals for innovative research designs that lead to new insights or challenge established frameworks about RME and its real-world impact are also suitable for this session.

Questions to be discussed in this session:

  • How does RME justify its role in changing society for “the future we all want”?
  • How does RME impact the SDGs?
  • Which insights about impact of RME do reporting mechanisms offer?
  • What are suitable methodologies to establish RME societal impact metrics?
  • How could a next level of RME impact metrics look like?
  • How should RME improve and/or change to further increase its impact on SDGs?

This session is designed for maximum interaction and discussion between participants and will provide presenters with valuable feedback for further improving their respective research, publishing and teaching opportunities and practices.

Please contact the session chair to discuss your potential contribution to this exciting session.

Session Co-chairs: Elisabeth Fröhlich & Lutz E. Schlange

Moderator: Elisabeth Fröhlich