Challenges in research on health and welfare technology: from user needs to sustainable implementation gives 7.5 credits and is given digitally at one-quarter-time. The course is a collaboration between Jönköping University, Halmstad University och Mälardalen University.

This PhD-level course provides a broad introduction to theories and methods within co-production and participatory research design as well as within implementation research. PhD students will deepen their knowledge of and acquire analytical and critical approaches to current research within health and welfare technology using current challenges as their point of departure. The general learning outcomes of the course are that the PhD-students will deepen their knowledge of the complexity in implementation of health and welfare technology in different setting and convey in-depth knowledge of theories, models and research methods that are of practical use in the PhD students own research.

Primary contents:

  • The complexity in research on health and welfare technology
  • Theories, models and research methods within co-production and participatory research
  • Theories, models and research methods within implementation research
  • The process from needs to implementation
  • Ethical approaches

The course is planned to start w. 40 2022 - w. 8 2023 and will be given digitally.

Preliminary dates for the course. If any changes the registered will be notified.

Course start w 40, 2022. This week is a preparatory week for the students. Time to read texts and watch recorded lectures before the introductory day.

All occasions are between 12.30-16.30 Swedish time via zoom. Link will be provided later.

w41 13/10 -2022 Introduction day. Meet all teachers and students. Time for questions and discussion.

w 43 25 / 10-2022 Module 1

w 45 7 / 11-2022 Module 1 (Submission in discussion thread, no zoom meeting.)

w 48 29/11 -2022 Module 2

w 50 13/12 -2022 Module 2

w 2 10 / 1- 2023 Module 3

w 4 24 / 1-2023 Module 3

w7 14/2 -2023 Seminar on examination assignment to be submitted on 24/2

w 8 24 / 2-2023 submission of exam paper, no zoom meeting

w 10 2023 students gets examinations results back, no zoom meeting


The application will open 1/1-2022 and close 31 August 2022.

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