Doctoral programmes at the School of Engineering

Jönköping University and School of Engineering has since 2010 the degree-awarding powers in the area Industrial Product Realisation, with three third-cycle subject areas: Machine Design, Materials and Manufacturing and Production Systems.

Graduate School in Industrial Product Realisation

Third-cycle courses and study programmes in the field of Industrial Product Realisation are implemented as a Graduate School in which the content is well defined and structured.

The Graduate School gathers third-cycle courses and study programmes in the field of Industrial Product Realisation at the School of Engineering.

Within the graduate school, the content is well defined and structured and doctoral students and supervisors are united in shared activities. 

Courses available to doctoral students

There are five mandatory third-cycle courses within the scope of the Graduate School. These are Industrial product realisation, Theory of science and research methodology, Basic communication and teaching, Ethics in engineering practice and research and Information literacy and scholarly communication. These courses are offered at regular intervals. For relevant information see Doctoral courses.

Apart from that, courses within the respective third-cycle subject areas are provided and optional courses can be selected in consultation with the supervisor. You can read more about the content in each of the subject areas in the general syllabus.

Seminars and workshops

The Graduate School also offers seminars and workshops on a regular basis, please see the calendar.

Doctoral programmes in co-operation

Research education within other third-cycle subject areas is carried out in close collaboration with other universities that have the entitlements. The School of Engineering has collaboration agreements with Chalmers University of Technology, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Institute of Technology at Linköping University.


General Syllabus

General syllabus for third-cycle programmes are available for each third-cycle subject area at School of Engineering.

Individual Syllabus

For each doctoral student, an individual syllabus shall be drawn up, within three months after admission. The progress of the studies in relation to the individual syllabus shall be followed up at least once a year by the main supervisor.   

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