The winners of the Expanding Markets Award 2019

The course Applied International Marketing at JIBS concludes with the competition Expanding Markets Award and a ceremony was held in order to present the winners.

Applied International Marketing is a course for two master programs: International Marketing and Strategic Entrepreneurship. It is a company project driven course, where students, besides lectures are assigned to real companies, small and medium-sized enterprises making initial steps in internationalization.

Student groups are formed by looking into student experiences, interests and backgrounds – making sure to have some sort of the match between student’s profiles and company projects and aspirations. 65 students in the course came from twenty different countries, with the largest group being represented by German students, followed by Swedish, Dutch, and Chinese students, but also from Austria, Vietnam, Pakistan, Spain, Nigeria, USA, Bulgaria, Greece, Brazil, India, Italy, Iran, Finland, Ethiopia, UK, and Bangladesh.

This year, the course was organized around thirteen company projects, in different industries, ranging from 3D printers and production monitoring systems to truffles and goodies. Target markets were Finland, Germany, Spain, UK, Netherlands, and China. Students assignments were mostly related to gathering marketing intelligence, profiling customers, intermediaries and competitors, as well as suggesting different modes of market entry and marketing strategy.

The course concludes with the competition Expanding Markets Award, which is supported by organizations that provide institutional support to aspiring small and medium-size companies in accessing the foreign markets: EKN The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board, Business Sweden, ALMI, Swedfund, Swedish Export Credit Corporation. These organizations provide symbolic prizes for best student presentations.

The winners

Winners of this year’s Expanding Markets Competition were students working with the following companies:

1st place: BLB Industries
Team Members: Stephan Dulovits, Divya Govil, Doreen Klumpp. Henrik Svensson, Usman Ali.

2nd place: EYEatPRODUCTION
Team Members: Mark Madjid Afrouz, Michel Rode, Yini Shi, Teodor Teodosiev, Heiltje Simone Van Der Vlist.

3rd place: MOMEC
Team Members: Nayyab Ahmad, Jolanda De Vree, Björn Niklas Tim Koch; Erika Linnéa Nylén, Martina Walch.

3rd place: SB International
Team Members: Anamela Agrodimou, Ana Isabel Castellanos Lozano, Julia Henriksen, Ezzat Kassem, Jakob Nutz.

What do you think about the course?

Fasty AB, Anderstorp

- We have really got a good material from our project group. They did a market research for us in the UK, where we are going to start working within a completely new segment. Their project work will be of great help to us, says Sofia Svensson, Marketing Manager at Fasty AB.

- This is the second year we participate in this project and we have a good cooperation with JIBS and Jönköping University, says Kenneth Lundberg, CEO of Fasty.


- We were a team of five people, from five different countries who for two months worked on a market analysis. We have among other things made interviews with 400 potential new customers for SB International in the Spanish market.

- It has been a very exciting - and useful - course, where we have combined theory and practice and really experience how it is to work at companies. The fact that we in the group also have such a different background has also meant that we have learned to cooperate despite both linguistic and cultural differences. It is also a useful experience to bring with you into the professional life.

Applied International Marketing