FAQ about Arkitektkopia

From now on Arkitektkopia is offering the services previously offered by Tryckeriet Repro through a web-based solution. Read about how this change affects you as a student.

How does this change affect me as a student?

Arkitektkopia is offering the same services and delivery times as were offered by Tryckeriet Repro. For you as a student, this means that the easiest way for you to place an order is through the web-based solution. The online shop is open around the clock, so you can place orders whenever you like.

You’re also welcome to go to Arkitektkopia’s office, which is close to the university at Myntgatan 7.

What will Arkitektkopia be offering?

The same services as offered previously by Tryckeriet Repro. You can read about Arkitektkopia’s services on their website.

How do I use the service?

You log in to Arkitektkopia’s online shop via a page on the student website . You then upload your originals, which Arkitektkopia then prints. The orders are printed within three working days, with an option for urgent delivery within one working day. You collect and pay for your order at Arkitektkopia at Myntgatan 7.