Information from the management team at Jönköping University

Today, 12 March, the Foundation Governing Board decided upon a new internal management model. Due to this decision, we would like to give the following information to our staff and students at Jönköping University.

We see that the decision essentially concerns the Deans/Managing Directors and the management above this level, and we are confident that we will be able to implement the decision in a way that benefit the University's activities as well as its staff, students and external collaboration partners.

Given that one of the main points of the criticisms about the decision is that the University's external contacts and engagement may be affected, we want to emphasize that to achieve the vision of building an international university, one important part is to increase the external engagement. High on our agenda is therefore to establish different needs-driven advisory boards to further develop our regional, national and international contacts.

Our work will aim forward and we will together with students and staff work to further develop the University's activities. Already next week we initiate work to develop and concretize our strategies and goals to achieve our vision.

Anita Hansbo, President Jönköping University
Lars Niklasson, Vice President
Mats Jägstam, Dean School of Engineering
Johan Roos, Dean Jönköping International Business School
Stephan Rapp, Dean School of Education and Communication
Ewa Wigaeus Tornqvist, Dean School of Health Sciences
Toni Subotin, President Jönköping Student Union
Helena Zar Wallin, Managing Director University Services
Christian Lind, CFO
Maria Isaksson, Chief HR and Communications Officer