Create an eduroam account and confirm e-mailmobile

Create an eduroam account to in order to continue using the eduroam wireless network.

Beginning 2015-05-04 you are required to use a different password for eduroam from the one associated to your JU user account. It has previously been the same password, but from this date the current password will no longer work with eduroam. A new eduroam account with the same user ID but a different password from you JU user account will be required. This change is made because of security reasons and requirements from international academic identity provisioning.

Creating your account

The eduroam account and password is created on Self Service User Account . During a transition period ending 2015-05-03 both the new and old password will be accepted, but after that date the old password will no longer work. Please note that you have to enter the newly created password for eduroam by yourself on your devices.

Confirm e-mailaddress/mobile phone number

Take the opportunity to confirm your private email as well as you mobile phone number for resetting your password on Self Service User Account . Your private email address or your mobile phone number must have been confirmed in order to be able to change a forgotten or expired password on Self Service User Account.

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