Do you want to contribute to alleviating the refugee situation?

At Jönköping University, we want to do everything we can in order to alleviate the refugee situation in Sweden. On behalf of the JU Management Team, we are now looking for someone who is interested in coordinating voluntary work.

Notice of interest – Voluntary work coordinator

At our university, there are many staff and students who want and have the possibility to work as volunteers to help improve the refugee situation. The work can include everything from being a legal guardian for unaccompanied refugee children to participating in fundraising or assisting refugees at their arrival in Sweden.

This is something that the university wants to encourage and support. Thus, the JU Management Team has commissioned the appointment of a person responsible for coordinating and organising the voluntary work in the best way possible.

Responsibilities include

  • Acting as the link to Jönköping Municipality in questions concerning measures taken due to the refugee situation
  • Acting as the link to non-governmental organisations, whenever cooperation is of the essence
  • Coordinating with the Student Union
  • Identifying what needs to be done in cooperation with the municipality and non-governmental organisations
  • Recruit and coordinate staff and student volunteers who want to make a contribution


We are now looking for you, staff or student at Jönköping University, who want to work as a voluntary work coordinator as part of your current employment or while studying. Previous experience from project management and coordination is an advantage and previous experience from working for a charity may facilitate getting up to speed. However, what is most important is that you want to contribute to alleviating the situation and that you are prepared to invest the time required.

Employment conditions

The period of employment is part time for the whole of 2016. The time spent working as a voluntary work coordinator is paid for in full by the university.

You are welcome to submit your notice of interest no later than 1 December.

Are you the right person for the job? Send an e-mail, telling us why you are interested in the position and why you think you are qualified, to

Both staff and students are welcome to submit a notification of interest.

Questions about the position?

Please contact Helena Zar Wallin, Managing Director, University Services: