”The Broccoli Tree”- a success

His photos of the tree in Huskvarna have made great success on Instagram. The photographer Patrik Svedberg will visit Jönköping University on December 16, to talk about his successful Instagram account “The Broccoli Tree”

In May 2013 Patrik snapped the first pic, of the now famous, tree. He decided to post the picture on Instagram and it didn’t take long until the tree had its own Instagram account called @thebroccolitree.

Patrik’s followers loved the pictures of the spectacular tree standing next to the lake Vättern. The pictures got so popular even Instagram chose to promote the photos on their own official account.

The rest is history, today the account has over 21 000 followers and Patrik has posted 175 pictures of the broccoli tree. In total the pictures has gotten the astonishing number of 300 000 likes. What a success!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the founder and creator of the world famous Instagram account @thebroccolitree, when he visits Culture on Campus at Jönköping University.

Welcome to the University Library Wednesday December 16, 12 pm.