Adventurous sailing at Culture on Campus

There will be adventure at Culture on Campus when the sailing enthusiasts Hans and Agneta Palmberg comes to visit.

About seven years ago Hans and Agneta Palmberg sold their house at Rosenlund in Jönköping to devote themselves to their great interest in life, adventurous sailing. For the money they bought a large sailboat equipped for one single mission, to sail around the world.

In 2013 the couple left Jönköping port to get out on the open sea. The 14 month long journey took the couple all over the globe, a journey through the English Canal, the Canary Islands, over the Atlantic Ocean, across the Caribbean and to South America.

During the trip, the couple dealt with various different problems and difficulties. In addition to damage to the boat, diseases and bad weather, they had an unexpected meeting with a 16-meter large whale.

During their half-hour on Culture on Campus they will tell the exciting stories about life on board.

Welcome to the University Library on Wednesday 16 March at 12:00.