How JU work for equal treatment

Considering the ongoing public debate, we have received questions at Jönköping University about how we work to ensure a good study and working environment for our students and employees.

JU works actively to prevent and counteract its students and staff being subjected to discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment. We therefore have a routine, were we as a higher education institute can help and support the students that feel that they have been victimized in any form.

The goal is that everyone at JU, students and staff, should be able to go to their study/workplace and feel safe and secure regardless of sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, function variation or religious perception.

If you, as a JU student, feel that you have been harassed or victimized, you should immediately contact some one that you trust at the school. You can contact the Student Union, the Student Health Care or the specially appointed non-discrimination representatives (OLIK) at each of the Schools. At the page Non-discrimination, you find information on how to proceed for assistance with your case.

A prerequisite for the school to take measures is that we are informed of the incident. We are obliged to investigate and responsible for our students to feel safe in their study/workplace and to receive appropriate support.